The Manasquan Tourism Commission originated as a tourism committee in January 1991.

In that year, the committee organized a Welcome Home the Troops celebration in accordance with President Bush’s request to welcome their local troops home. The committee also established some of the community activities we are still enjoying today.

In November 1991, the borough council passed an ordinance establishing the Manasquan Tourism Commission as it is today. The original members were Henry Trost, Councilman Bill Eastmond, Raymond Summers, Dominic Bossone, Penny Hamilton, Noel Hood, Councilman Jim Blumenstock, John Paglia, Karen Parziale and George J. Lovas.

Three of the original members — Chairman Ray Summers, Secretary Penny Hamilton and Dominic Bossone — are still active members of the commission The other current members of the tourism commission are Vice Chairman Carmen Triggiano Jr., Treasurer Barbara Ilaria, James Coakley Jr., Douglas M. Paviluk, Councilman Joseph Bossone, Councilman Gregg Olivera, Council Liaison Michael Mangan, Raymond Shinn, Walter Wall, Claudette Scoras, Jamie Biesiada and Jane Donovan.

The commission, with the alloted council budget and very generous donations from many local businesses, restaurants, organizations and individuals, has worked diligently to establish and provide many fun-packed events and entertainment for residents, neighbors and many vacationing visitors.

These activities have included two lighted, decorated boat parades, as well as many annual staples, including fireworks, a Fourth of July parade, bicycle and wagon decorating contests, sand castle tournaments, end of summer celebrations, weekly beach concerts, kayak and canoe races, pizza eating contests and Christmas in Manasquan. The commission also provides the public with a yearly calendar of events, listing all of the activities tourism and other organizations in Manasquan have to offer.

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